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Book: Moog's Musical Eatery Cookbook by Shirleigh Moog

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Don't miss out on this collector's item!

Written in 1978 by Bob’s wife of 36 years Shirleigh Moog, this enchanting cookbook takes you on the amazing journey of food and fun that she served up to musicians (such as Wendy Carlos, Keith Emerson, John Cage, John Eaton) who were guests at the early R.A. Moog, Co. factory in Trumansburg, NY.  

Shirleigh relates many delicious recipes to the musician-guests who enjoyed them and offers insight and tips to providing relaxed, memorable meals for 2 to 100 people (yes, 100, really -- and on a budget to boot!).

Softcover, 209 pages of delightful and delicious fun!

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