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Calendar: 2016 Bob Moog Foundation "Moog Is Now"

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In response to demand after David Van Koevering's recent passing, we are re-listing this calendar, and pricing it at cost. We are extremely proud to have been the only entity to honor David with a historical publication that highlights his legacy and life. 

We are excited to release our 2016 calendar, Moog Is Now,  based on rare historical photos and memorabilia tracing  David Van Koevering’s 45-year professional relationship with electronic music pioneer Bob Moog. Van Koevering is widely recognized with pioneering the sales of the Minimoog long before it became an iconic synthesizer.

The calendar features a historical narrative about Van Koevering, based on several interviews with him. 

The images and materials used in the calendar belong to the David Van Koevering Collection, part of the Bob Moog Foundation Archives. Read more about David Van Koevering's fascinating history here:  

Van Koevering is often cited as playing a pivotal role as the first to pioneer the sales of the iconic Minimoog synthesizer in the early 1970s, a time when the instrument was little unknown and largely misunderstood. His unusual and compelling sales techniques helped to popularize the instrument, which would eventually be regarded as the most iconic synthesizer in the world. Van Koevering would eventually become Vice President of Marketing for Moog Music in Williamsville, New York. He went on to collaborate with Bob Moog throughout the years, culminating in their close collaboration on the VanKoevering Piano. David Van Koevering and Bob Moog remained friends until Moog passed away in August 2005.

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All profits from the sales of our t-shirts benefit our hallmark projects, Dr. Bob's SoundSchool, the Moogseum and the preservation of the Bob Moog Foundation Archives.

The Bob Moog Foundation is an independent 501 (c)(3)  non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the legacy of Bob Moog by inspiring others through science, music, and innovation.

We are not associated with the manufacturing company Moog Music, Inc. in any way.

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