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Bob's Birthday Raffle for Serial #1 2022 Minimoog Model D

  • $2000


Congratulations to:

The Bob Moog Foundation, in collaboration with Moog Music, is excited to announce its raffle for serial #1 of the latest version of the Minimoog Model D, released in 2022. Moog Music generously donated this one-of-a-kind coveted synthesizer, worth in excess of $5,000, to support the Foundation’s mission of carrying Bob Moog’s legacy forward by inspiring people of all ages through the intersection a science, music, technology, and innovation.

The raffle is open from 10am (ET) on May 23rd until 11:59pm (ET) on June 23rd.

Raffle tickets for the serial #1 2022 Minimoog Model D are
$20 each, six for $100, 14 for $200 or 40 for $500. 

Please use the dropdown menu above to access the ticket bundles.

The Minimoog featured is serial number MD00001.
It is the only Minimoog in existence with this serial number.

The raffle runs from May 23, 2023 to June 23, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. ET.  
The raffle is open internationally.

The brand new serial #1 Minimoog Model D being offered was produced at the Moog Music factory in Asheville, North Carolina. Built by hand to last a lifetime, the new Minimoog Model D delivers the revered quality, undefinable feel, and authentic sound of a pristine vintage Moog. The three-oscillator, monophonic, analog synthesizer is housed in a locally sourced Appalachian cherry cabinet and hand-finished aluminum chassis. Sounding as vibrant and deep as ever, its legendary low-pass ladder filter, powerful oscillators, and rich saturating mixer retain the exact component placement and through-hole design of a 1970s-era Minimoog Model D.

​​While no changes have been made to the original sound engine or audio signal path, the 2022 Minimoog Model D includes a series of popular functional modifications that expand this legendary instrument’s sonic capabilities, including:

  • Dedicated analog LFO with triangle and square waveshapes
  • Premium Fatar keybed with velocity and after pressure available via top panel CV jacks with onboard trimpots
  • MIDI integration including updates to the MIDI functionality allowing for improved modern studio integration
  • A mixer feedback modification allowing the Minimoog Model D to overdrive and scream with the turn of a knob
  • For the first time in its history, the Minimoog Model D now features a spring-loaded pitch wheel with center deadband, allowing for improved playability and wild performance flourishes 

All proceeds from the raffle benefit the Bob Moog Foundation's educational project, Dr. Bob's SoundSchool, serving nearly 3,000 elementary school students a year; as well as the preservation of the vast and growing Bob Moog Foundation Archives, and our Moogseum in downtown Asheville, NC, USA. 

Be sure to read the rules and regulations for the raffle before entering. 
Tickets are non-transferable.
The winner will be announced on Wednesday, June 28, 2023. 

You will be sent an email confirming your ticket purchase. 

No physical tickets will be sent.

Sign up here for updates on our innovative projects, future raffles and info on how to be part of sharing Bob's legacy and inspiring the future with the science of sound:

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