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Event: The Evolution of Modular Synthesis with Innovators Chris Meyer and Dave Rossum

Event: The Evolution of Modular Synthesis with Innovators Chris Meyer and Dave Rossum

  • $2000

The Bob Moog Foundation is excited to announce our upcoming event, The Evolution of Modular Synthesis, featuring modular synthesis educator, musician, and inventor of vector synthesis, Chris Meyer, and legendary synthesizer pioneer and innovator Dave Rossum! 

The event will feature Michelle Moog-Koussa, Executive Director of the Bob Moog Foundation, interviewing Meyer and Rossum about the fascinating evolution and recent resurgence of modular synthesis from 1960s to present, followed by a concert with Meyer using his contemporary modular setup and a question and answer session with the audience. 

Due to current ticket demand, the event will take place on Wednesday, October 4, 2023 at 7pm at the Citizen Vinyl i n Asheville, NC. Tickets for the Asheville event are $20. 


A livestream of the event will also be offered. 
Access to the livestream will be pay-what-you-can, starting at $10. Tickets to the livestream can be purchased here: A recording of the livestream will be available for 72 hours after the event for all livestream ticket holders.

More details from our press release:

Chris Meyer has led three lives in the music industry: creating electronic music instruments and tools for companies like Sequential, Digidesign, and Roland (including inventing Vector Synthesis); teaching electronic music synthesis through numerous magazine articles, online courses, and his website; and now performing his own unique vision of emotional, impressionistic electronic music under the name Alias Zone. He is also the co-author of the acclaimed, Patch & Tweak with Kim Bjørn. 

Each of Chris’ compositions is based on a story that informs its creation. He starts with a sonic image that captures his imagination: a complex sound, an alluring rhythm, or a field recording that documents a specific time and place. The story they hint at then becomes the touchstone that determines each layer Chris adds to the piece, be they richly textured ambient environments, unique sounds he programs on his modular synthesizers, exotic percussion, and more. His goal is to convey emotions of mystery, longing, and joy, creating a deeply human experience. In contrast to many electronic music composers who focus primarily on studio work, virtually all Alias Zone tracks are conceived as live performances, and are then later edited into album form.

Fifty years ago, Dave Rossum dropped out of graduate school to found E-mu Systems.  In his role as E-mu's Chief Wizard, he invented numerous modular synthesis technologies including ultra-stable oscillators, modular sequencers, polyphonic keyboards and analog synthesizer chips, before pioneering Digital Sampling Synthesis with the Emulator, and later the Drumulator, the SP-1200, and the Proteus.  Dave also assisted other companies in their groundbreaking products, such as the Oberheim 4-voice and the Sequential Prophet 5.  

In 1994, E-mu was acquired by Creative Labs, and Dave became their Chief Scientist.  During the Creative years, E-mu produced the E-64, ESI, Emulator IV, and other well known samplers.  Dave left Creative in 2011 for a 5 year stint as the architect of DSP ICs for cell phone audio.  Then in 2016, Dave founded Rossum Electro-Music, signed on as a Technical Fellow at Universal Audio, and began designing analog integrated circuits for Sound Semiconductor.  When he's not inventing new synthesis technologies, you'll find Dave running marathons, SCUBA diving, or backpacking in the High Sierra with his standard poodle, Lily.


Bob Moog was an innovator in the field of modular synthesis and beyond. The Bob Moog Foundation celebrates synthesis in all of its forms, and through this event celebrates the renaissance of modular synthesis. The organization’s interactive Moogseum, located in Asheville, NC, recently added Patching Sound, an exhibit that teaches visitors of all ages how to create sound with a modular synthesizer. 

“The Bob Moog Foundation is thrilled to provide this unique opportunity for people from all over the world to delve into the foundational aspects of modular synthesis, trace its use over many decades, and to explore the music that results from it,” noted Michelle Moog-Koussa, Executive Director of the Bob Moog Foundation. “We are honored to be examining this subject with two renowned figures from synthesizer industry. The pairing of Chris Meyer and Dave Rossum will provide for unique insights and reflections into this fascinating realm of sonic expression.”


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