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Mug: BMF or Moogseum 16oz Ceramic

  • $2000


Start your morning right with our 16oz two-tone coffee mug sipping a piping hot cup of java or while having your favorite cereal. These ceramic containers are perfect to use and enjoy with hot or cold beverages all day - every day. 

One of our favorite ways to utilize these attractive mugs is when serving ice cream!

  • The Moogseum logo mug has a matte slate gray outside and a gloss black interior.  
  • The Bob Moog Foundation mug has a matte gray outside and a gloss white interior.
  • Mugs are stackable to help save cabinet space and the logo is printed on both sides.

Take advantage of the Mix and Match four pack discount to get two of each design or all four the same and save $15.00.  

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    • We are not supported by or associated with the manufacturing company Moog Music, Inc. 
    • The Bob Moog Foundation is an independent 501 (c)(3)  non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the legacy of Bob Moog by inspiring others through science, music, and innovation

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