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About Us


Carrying Bob's legacy forward

The Bob Moog Foundation ignites the innovator in us all through exposure to interactive educational experiences that draw from Bob's legacy of groundbreaking work at the intersection of science and the imagination.

 We carry out this mission through our projects:

  • Dr. Bob's SoundSchool, our hallmark education program teaching sound science with technology
  • the Bob Moog Foundation Archive
  • the Moogseum

Foundation origins

The Bob Moog Foundation was created upon Bob’s passing in August 2005. After witnessing the outpouring of thousands of testimonials from people around the world who had been touched by Bob’s work, Bob’s family and colleagues established the foundation to carry on his legacy.

The Foundation officially launched a year later in August 2006, and is based in Asheville, North Carolina. After managing the Foundation for over a year, Michelle Moog-Koussa, Bob’s third daughter, became the full-time executive director in February of 2007. 

We are supported by donors around the world who are passionate about the Moog legacy, by allies and organizations in music industry, and by well as by people like you.

Thank you!

All items purchased from our store go to support our programs, and to support hands-on science education in schools in a program called "life-changing" by a school official.