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Bundle: Moog-tastic CD & Card signed by Dana Countryman and Jean-Jacques Perrey

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From the vault while supplies last!

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This color photograph was autographed by Jean-Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman. Supply is extremely limited. This item is only available as a part of this bundle!


Dana Countryman is a musician living in the Seattle area. He had been in a musical partnership with legendary electronic music pop pioneer, the late Jean-Jacques Perrey. In 2010, he released his first solo MOOG album, "Moog-Tastic! Electronic Melodies from the 24th Century.

The album features 11 new Countryman originals, in styles which include rock, ragtime, classical, science fiction, vaudeville, French cabaret, and goofy Space-Age Bachelor Pop—done up in a retro “Moog”-style!

The completely instrumental album features guest stars Fay Lovsky, Vinnie Bell, Skip Heller, Morgan Fisher (of Mott the Hoople fame), along with Three-Time World Champion whistler Geert Chatrou, and electronic pop music pioneer Jean-Jacques Perrey—to name a few of the more famous musicians who contributed to the project.


  1. Lovesick Martian Boy
  2. Have Mersey On My Moog
  3. Day Tripper
  4. Vinnie's Theme
  5. Deserted Planet
  6. Ragtime For Robots
  7. Memories Of Paris
  8. Cocktails In Space
  9. Farewell Mr. Rota
  10. Jean-Jacques' Theme
  11. Halloween At Moog Manor
  12. La Califfa
  13. Storm Over Beethoven
  14. Hidden Track
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