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Bundle: Mort Garson LPs

Bundle: Mort Garson LPs

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Mort Garson encountered Robert Moog and his new device at the Audio Engineering Society’s West Coast convention in 1967 and immediately began tinkering with the device. Garson's daughter Day Darmet, recalls: “When my dad found the synthesizer, he realized he didn’t want to do pop music anymore.”

Julliard-educated and active as a session player in the post-war era, Mort Garson wrote lounge hits, scored plush arrangements for Doris Day and the soundtrack to the 1969 moon landing, garlanded weeping countrypolitan strings around Glen Campbell's “By the Time I Get to Phoenix,” and could render the Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel alike into easy listening. 

Details about the products included:


Mother Earth's Plantasia was written and performed by Mort Garson. Originally released in 1976, this album of “warm earth music for plants…and the people that love them," was only available at Mother Earth, a plant store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, or to those who purchased a Simmons mattress from Sears.


Journey to the Moon and Beyond finds even more new facets to Mort Garson's sound, showcasing the Moogist’s many moods: sweet, exploratory, whimsical, a little bit corny, weaving it all together in a glorious whole. This LP includes Garson’s soundtrack to the live broadcast of the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing, as first heard on CBS News.For decades, this audio was presumed lost, the only trace of it appearing in an old YouTube clip. Thankfully, diligent audio archivist Andy Zax came across a copy of the master tape while going through the massive Rod McKuen archive. Across six minutes, the track "Moon Journey"  conjures broad fantasias, whirring moon craft sounds, zero-gravity squelches, and twinkling études.


Enjoy this collection of rare and unreleased recordings from the archives of electronic music pioneer Mort Garson, composer of Mother Earth's Plantasia. The compilation plays like an ultimate Mort Garson playlist. It includes alternate takes of Plantasia tracks, music for never-aired radio advertisements, themes for science fiction films, erotic oddities, and much more from the prolific composer's '60s and '70s synthesizer oeuvre. This deluxe edition includes art by Robert Beatty and new liner notes by Andy Beta (Pitchfork).


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