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Vox Humana Sample Bank by Alex Ball - Digital Download

  • $1500

Carefully sampling every note of a Polymoog 280A set to its Vox Humana setting, musician, educator, and creator Alex Ball was able to recreate the famous patch as a downloadable sample bank. Ball recorded each note twice to capture variation. Seamless looping, attack and release controls, and reverb were meticulously scripted into the associated Kontakt patch.

A full version of Kontakt 7 is required to operate the Vox Humana Sample Bank. Open WAV samples are also included.

UPDATE: This sample bank is now also compatible with Kontakt V5.8. Only install the 5.8 folder if you intend to run the sample bank on that version of Kontakt.

“Vox Humana is one of those sounds that is so familiar and yet so otherworldly – synthetic but somehow organic,” noted Alex Ball. “Hopefully, this multi-sampled version of the sound will get a lot of use and bring a lot of happiness to those who can't access an original unit.”

Released in 1978 as a new and simplified version of the Polymoog 203A, the Polymoog 280A was a fully polyphonic preset-based synthesizer. The 280A model featured fourteen preset sounds, including the Vox Humana setting, which was made famous by Gary Numan with his 1979 hit song “Cars.” The Vox Humana setting remains the most celebrated preset from the Polymoog 280A for its full and rich sound.

Limit of one download per purchase. 

Click here to learn more about Kontakt 7 and to purchase the full version if you do not already have the necessary software.

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