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Toy: MicroKits Synth-a-sette

  • $4995

 Build your own instrument! Turn conductive objects into musical keys by connecting them to the touchpad. 


Tiny Synth, Huge Possibilities.

Want to create your own instruments or get started with analog synths? Either way, the Synth-a-Sette is a new way to get creative!

Invent Your Own Keyboard.

Turn everyday objects into musical keys by just clipping them to the Synth-a-Sette, using conductivity.

Play Melodies Anywhere.

Everything you need. Includes 13 key monophonic touchpad, an "octave up" button, optional vibrato switch, built-in speaker, 10 gator clips, and batteries.

A Pocket-sized device.
The synth-a-sette is portable at 4x2.6x0.5 inches.




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