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Book: Creative Synthesizer Technique by Adam Holzman

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Whether you're new to synths or a seasoned pro you'll love Creative Synthesizer Technique, by synth master Adam Holzman, published in 2020.

Holzman begins with an overview of the building blocks of sound as found on most synthesizers and then, through a series of hands-on “Try This” projects, shows you how to use those blocks creatively. 

Each phase of synthesis is illustrated by a series of 43 downloadable audio tracks. Throughout, the author integrates synthesizer techniques with genuine musical ideas, providing images of his professional stage setup as well as a minimal equipment layout for home hobbyists.

This book represents nothing less than the magnum opus of a jazz-rock master of synthesizer technique.

  • Holzman has toured extensively with trumpet legend Miles Davis and British rocker Steven Wilson; he brings his 35 years of performance and synthesizer knowledge to bear in this outstanding book.
  • Includes access to online audio.
  • Squareback saddle-stitched softcover, 80 pages.

Additional information is shared in the author’s notes, footnotes, and a generous glossary. His “Additional Thoughts on Performance” are filled with helpful suggestions for better soloing.

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