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CD: Michael Whalen Imaginary Trains

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Combining Michael’s love of 70s and 80s German electronic music (Tangerine Dream & Kraftwerk) with Michael’s masterful sound design and his arcing romantic melodies, “Imaginary Trains” is a new creative high water mark for the award-winning composer and internationally renowned recording artist.

On this release, Michael named all of the pieces before composing any of the music. "I love framing every song with a narrative, character, or a place. Imaginary Trains is about taking the listener on a journey of the heart and the mind. But before I transport anyone, I have to take the journey myself.”

Michael has graciously donated these CDs to us, so that 100% of the proceeds support the Bob Moog Foundation. We are most grateful for this Moog-mentus gift and appreciate his support!

Preview the journey and hear the title cut “Imaginary Trains” here:


  1. Imaginary Trains
  2. Against the Sky
  3. Across the World to Be With You (feat. Ricky Kej)
  4. My Immortal Beloved
  5. The Wayward Sun
  6. Vox Humana
  7. The Ribbon of Time
  8. Journey to Lights Edge
  9. Dream Together
  10. Until the Night Is Over
  11. Distance (feat. Donna Lewis)

55 minutes

Release Date: April 22, 2022


  • Michael Whalen - synthesizers, keyboards, sound design and programming, voice, guitar, and percussion
  • Ravichandra Kulur - flute on ‘Across the World to Be With You’ and ‘Distance’
  • Donna Lewis – voice on ‘Distance’
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