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"Electric Sound" CD by Joel Chadabe

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Joel Chadabe is familiar to many synthesizer enthusiasts as a pioneer in his field, conceptualizing and commissioning the legendary CEMS (Coordinated Electronic Music Studio) System, which was built and completed by his life-long friend and colleague Bob Moog and his company, R.A. Moog Co. in 1970. He is also the author of "Electric Sound: The Past and Promise of Electronic Music". 

In "Electric Sound", the sequel CD to "Chadabe and Moog" Joel offers more recent compositions oriented towards interactive performance, created from 1972-1987. These musical works draw from a variety of instrumentation including vibraphone, percussion, synthesized orchestra, theremin-based antennae controllers, and more. Generous liner notes are included, detailing the concept behind each composition. 

"This particular way of performing has been very satisfying for me. For one thing, I'm always delighted that such sophisticated and innovative technology can produce such a lyrical and musical result. For another thing, it is particularly rewarding to create a space within which performers can work with technology to produce a result that I often find so surprising and magical.

From that time to the present, when people ask me what I do as a composer, I explain that I do not compose pieces, I compose activities. A 'piece', whatever its content, is a construction with a beginning and end that exists independent of its listeners and within its own boundaries of time. An 'activity' unfolds because of the way people perform; and consequently, an activity happens in the time of living; and art comes closer to life."

Joel's "Chadabe and Moog" CD, which featured music from 1966-1970, can be found here.

The "Electric Sound" and "Chadabe and Moog" bundle can be purchased here for $20. 

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